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Fort Smith, Arkansas -- June 23, 2007 The El Dorado News-Times won the following awards in the 2007 Arkansas Press Association contest, announced June 23 in Fort Smith:

  • NEWS STORY, 1st, Keli Jacobi, Missing woman found dead.
  • SPORTS PAGE, 1st, , Tony Burns.
  • COVERAGE OF POLITICS, 1st, News-Times, Staff.
  • SINGLE FEATURE PHOTO, 2nd, Samuel Peebles, A day at the park.
  • SINGLE SPORTS ACTION PHOTO, 2nd, Samuel Peebles, Collision course.
  • PAGE ONE CONTENT, 2, News-Times Staff.
  • COMMUNITY COVERAGE, 2, News-Times Staff.
  • GENERAL COLUMN, 3rd, Joan Hershberger, Reality of addiction.
  • GRAPHICS AND DESIGN, 3rd, Mary Lee Downey.
  • NEWS STORY, HM, John Worthen, UCSO cracks down on drugs EDITORIAL, HM, Shea Wilson, Executive Session.
  • SINGLE NEWS PHOTO, HM, Samuel Peebles, Altercation.
  • SINGLE SPORTS FEATURE PHOTO, HM, Jim Lemon, Keeping cool.
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