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WEHCO Video launches Digital Phone Service
Cable Television provider to begin telephone service

Little Rock , Arkansas – June 9, 2006 -- WEHCO Video announced the availability of Cablelynx Digital Phone, an IP-enabled voice service that allows customers to make phone calls over the cable television provider’s network.

The company said the new service offers digital quality telephone calls with local and unlimited domestic long-distance calling. The service replaces the customers’ traditional home phone service and includes voice-mail and advanced calling features at no additional charge.

J.P. Morbeck, the company’s EVP/COO said, “Cablelynx Digital Phone is not just another Internet-based phone. Unlike many other products that are in the market today, our phone traffic never goes out to the Internet. The calls originate and travel entirely on a managed network until they are handed off to the national public switched telephone network. This allows us to provide the consumer with much higher quality and reliability.”

Cablelynx Digital Phone service includes popular features such as voice mail, caller ID, three-way calling, anonymous call rejection, call returning, screening, forwarding, call waiting, and more. It also complies with Enhanced 911 standards and includes local directory listings. Customers can even switch to the new service and keep their current phone number.

Morbeck said the company is “bundling” the new voice service with its current video and data products onto the same monthly bill. “Our customers like having one provider handle these entertainment and communications services for them, and they like the convenience and savings that they get when it all comes on just one bill.”

Cablelynx Digital Phone service will sell for $54.95 / month, but cable subscribers that also have the company’s digital television and high-speed data products will pay only $34.95 for it. “There are significant savings when customers subscribe to more than one of our products,” Morbeck said, “and because unlimited domestic long-distance and all of the calling features are included in the package, the cost does not change each month. That avoids the unhappy surprise that a lot of people get when their phone bill arrives today.”

WEHCO Video is launching the service with a special promotional offer to its current cablelynx high-speed data customers. Morbeck explained, “If subscribers have our Internet service, they can add Cablelynx Digital Phone service without any account activation fees or installation charges. That includes moving their current telephone number to the new service, if they would like to have us do that.”


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