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Robert J. Young appointed to the position of Vice President of Engineering for WEHCO Video, Inc.

Little Rock , Arkansas – October 27, 2005 -- J.P. Morbeck, EVP/COO of WEHCO Video, Inc., announced the promotion of Robert J. Young to the position of Vice President of Engineering.

In a message to the company employees, Morbeck said, “Bob has worked hard with us to improve our service and harden our operations; but he is not focused on how well we are doing right now. He is more interested in what is coming next and what we need to be ready to do tomorrow. That attitude is serving us well - as we prepare ourselves to do tomorrow's business, and in recognition of the vital position that he plays in our organization, Bob Young is being promoted to the position of Vice President of Engineering for WEHCO Video.”

Mr. Young began working for the company in 1992, and his most recent position was Emerging Technologies Engineer for the corporation.

In his new post, Young will oversee the technical operations of the company, as well as those of United WEHCO, Inc., a subsidiary company that provides common carrier services in Arkansas and Texas.

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